Enjoy the event in style with your VIP Hotel Ticket!

Feel an unparalleled connection to London at the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard.

Stay in the capital’s highest hotel, in one of the world’s most iconic buildings, whilst enjoying panoramic skyline views that connect you to the whole city. 

VIP Tickets include:

1 x night's stay at the Shangri-La Hotel on Wednesday 10th April 2019. 

Enjoy a relaxing evening overlooking the city, or take a dip in the sky pool, then wake up in luxury, fresh for the day ahead at the Conference.

1 x Ticket to the Millennium Unit4 Financials Conference. 

Don't miss a thing with reserved seats at the front of the auditorium.

1 x Champagne Experience Ticket at The View From The Shard Gallery.

After a busy day listening, taking notes and networking, relax with a glass of bubbly at the top of the Shard whilst watching the sunset over London.

VIP Tickets are £599 + VAT.

(Available to purchase until Friday 23rd March 2019)